PLR (Private Label Resell Right) content is about to get overhauled big time. A new leader in the digital product marketplace is coming and it’s called Content Reef – a place where marketplace members can buy and sell digital products that come with “resell rights” so buyers will no longer have to create their own products to offer. Instead, they’ll be able to purchase resell-ready online courses that they can offer from their own website, under their own brand, and keep 100% of the profits.

The current state of PLR content is horrible. Here are just a few of the problems facing PLR content today.

  • Old and outdated.
  • It’s cheap… as in low quality crap that has no real value to the end customer.
  • Improper resell licenses that come with PLR content are usually confusing and don’t give the buyer clear rules as to what real rights they have as an owner of that content.
  • Impossible to verify the quality of the PLR content until you purchase it.
  • And much more…

But… things are about to change! Content Reef is coming and your PLR product needs will soon be solved. Stay tuned…