The BIG problem with Private Label Resell content is the quality usually stinks… We’re talking 3rd grader, paint by numbers bad.

For example: You might purchase Resell Rights for an online video course only to find out that your product is:

  • Outdated with information that is no longer valid.
  • Low video quality, many times even pixelated where the viewer cant even read the text inside the video.
  • Has been created by a non-english speaker or someone with a very heavy accent that is hard to understand.
  • Overlayed with a computer robotic voice over because the original content creator didn’t want to use their own voice.

Those problems above are very common in 95% of all PLR Content but it doesn’t stop there. Unfortunately, some people might even find out that their newly purchase PLR product is made up of pirated or copyrighted content which makes their license invalid and reselling it illegal.

As you can see, the current PLR options don’t look to good but don’t loose all hope just yet because we have the solution.

Introducing Content Reef!

If you’re looking to ensure that NONE of those problems affect you and your PLR product, then you need to checkout Content Reef’s PLR marketplace.

Content Reef is different becuase each and every Private Label Product sold in the marketplace goes through a rigorous approval process and it must meet very strict quality guidelines.

Here are some guidelines that each product must meet:

  1. Videos must be a minimum of 720p high quality format.
  2. PLR video courses must be able to be previewed by the customer before they decide to buy.
  3. All PLR products must be original content and the information taught inside the product must still be valid and can’t be outdated.
  4. All products must be uploaded by the original content creator.
  5. Products must be manually reviewed by a Content Reef admin before it get’s published in the Content Reef marketplace.
  6. All PLR marketplace items will show real reviews from “verified” customers.
  7. Every marketplace item uses advanced protection methods from being illegally shared and distributed without the content creator’s permission.
  8. Any item that shows a sample preview will be protected by watermarks and special re-encoding to ensure protection from being distributed between non-paying and non-license holders.

As you can see, Content Reef is changing the game when it comes to finding professional PLR content or as I like to call it, Resell-Ready Content. With Content Reef, you can save countless hours by purchasing products that you can sell as your own.

Depending on the license details you buy, you could have the right to sell the content, give away the content, package the content with your other product offerings, and much more.

So… Do yourself a favor and check out Content Reef’s resell-ready marketplace today.